14 Oct 2015

How to Start a Driving School in Melbourne

Do you want to start your own driving school? This might be the best option for you, especially if you have the following three qualities:

  • The patient and motivation to coach others
  • Zeal for driving, and
  • Willingness to be an entrepreneur

Starting a driving school is a good business, especially now that car is viewed by millions of people as a necessary possession. So many people are really working hard to own at least one car. Because of this, many people enroll into a driving school to either perfect their driving knowledge or learn how to drive.

In many developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany more than two million driving tests are held annually, this implies that the market for driving schools is very high.

So, you will enjoy a lot of financial rewards by starting your own driving schools today- you will also prevent unforeseen road accidents by teaching people how to drive well. It is very simple to get your own driving school, even with a little start up capital.

Below are some useful steps involved in starting your own driving school:

Learn the rules

Observe the rules and regulations involved in starting up your driving school. Every state and country has their own laws. If you fail any of those laws, you will be duly penalized.

So, you are required to contact the required local agency in your country or state for all the information relating to the driving school business. Such agencies are in charge of:

  • Vehicle inspections
  • Location requirements
  • Personal licensing requirements
  • Insurance
  • Bonding requirements and many more

Register your driving school

Before you start a driving school, you are required to register it with the relevant state agency. The steps involve:

  • Register the business name; it will be registered as a limited liability company, not as a partnership or sole proprietorship business.
  • Fill all the articles of incorporation, and
  • Obtain the required licenses

For more information on this, feel free to contact a seasoned professional like an attorney or business consultant.

Write down your business plan

This is one of the unique steps involved in starting your own business. The business plan will cover details of your:

  • Market targets
  • Competition
  • Marketing strategies
  • Start up costs
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Curriculum
  • Insurance and lots more

Get your driving instructor’s licence

The law available in many states and countries is that you must have obtained a driver’s licence many years before applying to be an instructor. However, this doesn’t mean that a driver’s licence is all you need to become an instructor. Licensing also includes:

  • A background check
  • A practical test, and
  • A written test

Complete all the required paperwork

Just like other businesses, starting your driving school involves some paperwork including:

  • Filing forms
  • Applications
  • Preparing your curriculum
  • Applying for certificate of incorporation
  • Verifying your driving instructor license and many more

A Good Driving School in Melbourne is all About Location

Becoming successful in driving school business involves two things, first you must have the required qualification, willingness to teach, hire professional driving instructors, and finding a good location. Most people know that a good driving school in Melbourne is conveniently located in the suburbs close to the CBD.

Your location must be closer to your target audience, and there must be large expanse of land for practical driving training.

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