06 Oct 2015

Lift Equipment for Tools

If you need to move strapping tools, stretch wrappers, and tape machines, consider lifts. A manlift is a great hydraulic system for lifting you and your employees off of the ground to reach higher places while working. They can be used in store rooms when stocking materials and retrieving boxes, or they can be used for outdoor work such as construction or painting an exterior of a building. Industrial maintenance and construction sectors will often use a manlift, making them a typical sight today. The platform of a manlift is perfect for this work, and much safer than a step ladder. Instead of having to climb up a step ladder with a large box in hand, and then balance yourself on the step while placing the box above your head, you can use a manlift and the simple joystick to move yourself and the box to the desired location. This is especially prudent for those who are working outside with electric tools or sharp objects or paints for the same reason; using a manlift will alleviate the possibility of spills, dropping tools, or injury while increasing productivity for the same reasons.

As with other tools, a manlift should only be operated safely and correctly. If they are not used properly then the users could sustain the same types of injuries as with a step ladder while subjecting anyone standing below to injuries as well. There are two categories for a manlift. The first is the scissors lift and the second is the articulating boom lift, both of which have safety precautions to be taken. The first moves up and down while the second moves up and down and from side to side. The articulating boom manlift uses hydraulic booms to move in every direction which also creates a higher sensitivity to movement. This means one should take severe cautions when moving the lift because it will likely not ride smoothly which can cause issues like slamming into the buildings at hand or falling out of the basket. These lifts are also prone to tipping if the center of gravity shifts. This means that while the boom is extended, movement from the workers might create more than one shift in the center of gravity. The radius of the boom should be verified before beginning a project to prevent the basket from hitting other workers, walls, equipment, or other objects nearby such as trees.

Accidents on these manlifts occur not only from the basket but below. If you are moving the lift on the ground level, going over changes in elevation at the ground level will violently shake the workers inside, even if the change is only a few inches. When looking for strapping tools consider this company as they offer steel, plastic, metal and battery strapping tools. This means that workers run the risk of falling out of the lift or the lift tipping over which presents the possibility of injury to those in the basket and those moving the lift below. It is important that the surface which is beneath the manlift not exceed the weight of lift, thus breaking the floor and endangering those on the ground level and those in the lift.

In order to protect the workers, the first thing to be done is training, for industrial packaging equipment visit this website and view their wide variety of available equipment. If a manlift is rented it is especially important that those using it for the short period of time are properly trained in safe operations. No one but those who have been trained should use the lift. The rules pertaining to the operating procedures as well as communication should be explained to all parties such as not operating the basket unless those on the ground have knowledge and have given approval.

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