09 Mar 2017

Tattoos and some of their Meanings

If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are different kinds of tattoos; each of these tattoos has their different meanings; we shall come back to this in the later part of this article.

If you have been thinking of their meanings, then there is no need to search further, because we are going to give you some useful guide about them.

Some people often get confused when they see people with different tattoo inscription.

Hopefully, after perusing through this article, you will get a perfect understanding of the traditional and modern meanings of these tattoos.

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Inscribing a butterfly-like tattoo symbolizes different things. It signifies beauty, change, rebirth, souls, love, and metamorphosis. In Japanese culture and tradition, butterfly signifies a representation of soul.

In Chinese culture, if two butterflies are flying or playing together, it means that they are in love. In ancient Greek tradition, butterfly implies a soul.

From the analysis above, we can see that the meaning is almost the same in many cultures and civilizations.


Some people inscribe a lion-like tattoo in their body. This simply means a sign of strength, courage, and protection. Most hunters, wrestlers and entertainers in African and Asian continents used to inscribe this on their skin.

Some people inscribe it on their skin as a way of displaying their commanding behaviours, skills, and creative genius. Inscribing lioness-like tattoo in the body symbolizes an aggressive behaviour, protection and attributes in Egyptian culture.

The meaning is also the same in Chinese tradition, in most imperial places; it is a source of courage, protection and strength.


Most people prefer to inscribe tiger on their body. It signifies power, wealth, honour, aggression, fearlessness, strength and royalty. Tiger represents bravery and anger in Buddhism culture.

Most countries have described tiger as their national animals. Some of the countries include: India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Nigeria and many more.

If you ink tiger in your skin, you are invariably showing that you have the attribute of strength, power, anger, aggression, royalty and many more.


Eagle is a symbolic representation of power and nationalism. Some people in the Eastern part of Europe are fond of inkling eagle-like tattoos in their body. In many African cultures, eagle’s feather represents dignity, source of strength and so on.


Inkling wolf-like tattoo in the body depicts wickedness, greed, loyalty and destruction. Wolves are mystical animals that protects crop from boars and deer. People that inscribe tattoos in their body are seen as mystical creatures.


In ancient Roman civilization, wolves are seen as great animals because of the primordial roles a wolf played in the rescuing of the great founders of Roman empire-Romus and Romulus when they were toddlers.


Whoever inscribes monkey-like tattoo in their skins is simply showing that they are lively, child-like, craft, trickery, and mischievous. In Buddhism culture, inkling monkey in your skin signifies fun, and ugliness.

So, if you want to showcase to others that you are crafty, lively, and fun- the only and safest thing to do is to ink a monkey-like tattoo in your skin. All you need to do is to go to the best tattoo shop in Phuket that’s near you.

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