07 Oct 2015

The Benefits of Using an Interactive Whiteboard & Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Although it’s been more than a decade since the first interactive whiteboard was introduced in the year 2001, these have recently gained a great deal of popularity. Most schools have made interactive whiteboards a necessary component of their curriculum.

What exactly is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboardThe interactive whiteboard makes use of a regular dry erase whiteboard along with a LCD projector and is often mounted on walls or placed on a stand. It is encrypted with specialized software which allows it to be used like a computer with a very large screen which can be viewed by the whole class. What’s so special about these interactive whiteboards are the way a teacher can maneuver the content with the touch of their hand. It resembles a large touch device which allows the students to visually understand their lessons.

Some Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboards in Class Rooms

The following are some of the reason why interactive whiteboards should be used during class

  • It helps the teacher create engaging content so that students do not get bored. Since most people are gaga over touch screens, a large touch screen moving at the beck and call of the teachers hand fascinates the students a great deal.
  • Whatever can be done on the computer is easily replicated on the interactive whiteboard. This helps the teacher save a great deal of time. They can easily switch from theoretical work to audio visual display in a matter of seconds.
  • Lessons need not be boring anymore. Think if a teacher is teaching her students about an African Safari. She can make use of a multitude of media aids and make her lessons more interesting. From simple pictures to running videos with a few sounds thrown in between for some realistic effect.
  • Lesson planning becomes interesting. Teachers try and create engaging content for their students.
  • Time and again research has proved that students learn better when they are able to grasp a subject visually. An interactive whiteboard can help a teacher do exactly that and more.
  • In fact math problem solving becomes a great deal easier with an interactive whiteboard. The teacher simply explains the problem and erases it with a touch of their hand. Most students respond well when taught math via interactive touch screens.

How Are Interactive Touch Screens being Used during Teaching

  • Teachers use these touch screens to give multimedia presentations which involve both video and audio.
  • These are a great way of showcasing student projects. Imagine how much interest each student will have in coming up with a good presentation just because they know their work might be shown on an interactive touch screens.
  • In case a teacher is absent, a replacement can teach their lesson which has already been pre recorded. This allows for a teachers absence to be used in a positive manner. Productivity stays 100% at all times.

Several studies conducted by universities like Harvard and Colombia have found that using audio visual aids like an touch screens can greatly enhance lesson retention in students. These can make complex subjects easier to explain and less time consuming as well.

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