31 Aug 2016

Watching The Whales In Hervey Bay: Useful Tips To Remember

Are you visiting Hervey Bay for the first time? One of the things that will really get you excited is having the opportunity to watch whales. There are some cruise lines that offer myriads of whales watching expedition for their various passengers.

QLD Hervey Bay Whale Watching

What makes Hervey Bay unique?

Surely, if you want to see the beauty and magnificence of humpback whales, then Hervey Bay is the safest place to come. It will really be a fun ride- some of the tours include amazing buffet lunches for their passengers, in this case, the passenger won’t get hungry as they sit back and enjoy the cruise experience and watch various types of sea birds.

Book online and early

To enjoy an amazing tour expedition, you are expected to book online. There are so many tour lines out there, you are required to take your time and study about their terms and conditions and then make a choice of the one that will suit your budget.

Also, while booking, you should try as much as possible to book early. When you book early, there is a possibility that you will get some discounts. Hervey Bay remains a good place to see humpback whales, simply because the whales stay here for a period of time especially during winter. They will stay here and play with other whale watching vessels.

Great value for your money

You will get great value for the money you spent in this whale watching expedition. If you are passionate about whale watching or you just want to try something new during this season, you will get some amazing packages that will get you thrilled. Hervey Bay is a cool spot for tourists- if you want to give your family a treat, and then engage them with this.

Best time to engage in whale watching in Hervey Bay

People come to Hervey Bay between the months of June and November annually to see the beauty of sea creatures. Doing whale watching in Hervey Bay is a great place where you stop, rest and play. You will never regret coming to Hervey Bay.

Whale Watching

It is an incredible sight seeing how these whales play with each other. Sometimes, you will see the whales coming towards your boat, and may even jump inside the front view of the ship waving their tails and then jumping back to the water after some minutes. Your kids will surely be ecstatic- cruising around with your kids will be something that will keep them super-excited.

Finally, you may find some friendly co-passengers who you will share photos, a cup of coffee, fruit cake, toastier and fresh fruits with. During whale watching, there is a possibility of seeing hundreds of whales swimming through the gentle waters in Hervey Bay.

We hope you gained something from this experience. If you browse through the internet, you will see some hints about whales watching; you will be in a better position to hear about people’s experiences. This will help you to get an idea of how amazing whale watching Hervey Bay could be.

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