06 Mar 2017

What are the types of window shutters

There are different kinds of window shutters. These are term given to coverings for the window. They usually are made of a frame which has vertical slats as well as horizontal rails at the top, center and the bottom. In the frame are louvers which can be operable or fixed. They can either be horizontal or even vertical; there are solid panels, glass, fabric and any other item which can be mounted in the frame.

Window shutters include shutters which are used inside the building or the house and which are known as interior shutters. There are others which are called exterior shutters, and they are used outside the structure.

types of roller shuuters

Reasons for using shutters

In Melbourne as well as in other places, window shutters are used for controlling the light which enters the room. It also provides security and privacy too. It provides weather protection as well as it prevents unwanted intrusion or even damage. When there is hail or heavy storms, shutters deflect the debris, branches, and the hail and thus protect the window and the house. These do not rattle when there are strong winds. The aesthetic value of the building increases with window shutters. When shutters are added to the windows, there is a great deal of effort and time which will be needed by burglars to break into the house and gain entry. These maintain the warm air inside the house in the winter time and keep out the hot air during the Melbourne summers. Thus the saving on energy bills is up to 40%.

Based on why it is being constructed, these shutters can be mounted either so as to fit the opening or to overlap the opening.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are hinged on the sides of the window opening, and they swing inwards so as to allow light to enter the room as well as the window to be accessible. The interior shutters are operable louvred ones. They have slats and these either rotate to open or close, and they control the airflow as well as visibility. These are usually called traditional shutters. There are also plantation shutters which are used, and they have different sizes of the louvre blade. There are other interior shutters, and these do not rotate hence they are called stationary louvers. These have solid panels. These panels need to be raised. Shutters are of different types. There are those that have a single tier unit and those that have multiple tiers. The multiple tiers have different shutters on each tier.

Exterior shutters

Exterior shutters control the privacy, light and protection from the weather. These either are hinged to the window, or they are mounted on tracks applied to the building face. They are fixed or operable, and they allow for direct sunlight, debris, air transfer and rain to be filtered. These provide privacy as well. The composite shutters are better than wooden ones as they provide resistance to splitting, rotting and twisting. PVC shutters often are hinged and have either 3 or more hinges.

This ties up the different kinds of shutters in Melbourne that you can use when you are thinking of protection for the windows.

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